Suicide at Khudunabari Camp

Khudunabari Camp, 12th May 2011

Around 26 years old Mon Bahadur Bhattarai residing in Sector D2, Hut number 02, committed suicide today morning around 45 am to 5 am outside the hut.

He had married from Sanischare camp and has one year old daughter. Originally he was residing in D1/47 with his parents (father-mother and a younger brother who has married a local girl). He has five sisters; four of them have married to other camps.

He was working in the Camp Management Committee (CMC) on the capacity of Administrator. According to the members of the CMC Khudunabari Camp, he was decent, polite, friendly, sincere and free from alcoholism. Most of the time he used to work in the RCU’s Office.

His immediate neighbors revealed some of the root cause of tragedy. It was originated from the family conflict. On the previous day, he attended NBA workshop, worked actively and normally as other days. In the evening he behaved in an abnormal manner. Some said, never drinking man has drunk today.  According to the source, his mother used to blame his wife


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